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Here, you'll find answers to common questions about our location, menu offerings, reservations, special accommodations, and delivery services.

We aim to provide detailed information to enhance your experience and ensure you enjoy the best of what our pâtisserie has to offer.


Whether you're planning your first visit or you're a returning patron, these FAQs are designed to assist you with practical information about our operation hours, dietary accommodations, and our passion for using high-quality, local ingredients in our creations.


If your question isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We're here to help!

General Information

Where is Le Bonheur Pâtisserie located?

  Le Bonheur Pâtisserie is located at Soi Jug-Kaew3, Amphur Road, Udon Thani, Thailand. It operates out of a single location with no branches.


What are the operating hours?

  Our pâtisserie operates daily from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM. However, hours may vary depending on our morning preparations and evening sell-out conditions. We recommend calling ahead to confirm our hours for the day.


Do I need to make a reservation?

  Yes, we highly recommend making reservations in advance, especially for our signature dish ‘LA POIRE ROUGE’. It is best to make a reservation a week prior to your visit to ensure availability.


Is parking available?

  There is no dedicated parking lot at our pâtisserie, but you can park your car along the alley on both sides of the street.


Can I use the pâtisserie as a workspace or stay for extended periods during the day?

  While we warmly welcome all guests, please note that our pâtisserie is in a private residential area with limited seating. We kindly request your cooperation to not use our pâtisserie as a work area or for prolonged daytime stays.

Guest Services

What should I do if no one is at the front when I arrive?

  If you arrive and find no one at the front, please use the wireless bell. There is one main bell on a stand at the first walk step to our place, and additional fixed wireless bells are arranged on each table in the room.

Menu and Ingredients

What kind of ingredients does Le Bonheur Pâtisserie use?

  We use only the finest gourmet ingredients, including vanilla beans from Madagascar and Tahiti, A.O.P. butter from Échiré, France, and fresh fruits from Europe and Asia. We also support local Thai agriculture.


How important is local agriculture to Le Bonheur Pâtisserie?

  We are deeply committed to supporting local agriculture. Our chef selects many local ingredients, both from Udon Thani and throughout Thailand, for use in our desserts. We appreciate the diversity and quality of Thai agricultural products and incorporate them to showcase the rich culinary heritage of Thailand.


How does the menu change?

  Our menu varies with each session of reservations and changes seasonally to incorporate the freshest ingredients available.


Does Le Bonheur Pâtisserie offer any gluten-free options?

  Yes, we offer gluten-free desserts like Poire Blanche and Bavarois au Coco.


How often does the menu change?

  The menu changes seasonally and adjustments are made to incorporate fresh and available ingredients.


What is the chef's approach to creating desserts?

  Our chef is passionate about creating healthy desserts that showcase the authentic and natural flavours of each ingredient. By using healthy alternatives like nuts and beans to substitute wheat flour and minimising sugar content, our chef aims to change the perception that desserts can be both delicious and beneficial for health.

Special Accommodations

Are there any accessibility accommodations?

  As our pâtisserie is located in a private house area, there might be some limitations regarding accessibility. We recommend contacting us directly for specific inquiries.


Can I request special dishes based on dietary needs?

  Yes, we accommodate various dietary needs. Please inform us of your requirements when making a reservation.

Delivery Information

Can I have desserts delivered to my location?

  Yes, we offer delivery throughout Thailand using temperature-controlled couriers.


How long does delivery take?

  Delivery times depend on the destination within Thailand. Please provide your specific location for an accurate estimate.


How much does delivery cost?

  Delivery costs vary. Temperature-controlled shipping, which we recommend for all deliveries due to the delicate nature of our desserts, incurs a higher fee than the normal shipment.


Why do you recommend temperature-controlled couriers for delivery?

  To ensure the highest quality and integrity of our desserts, which are sensitive to temperature changes.


Is there a risk of the desserts being damaged during delivery?

  We minimise risk by using appropriate packaging and temperature-controlled shipping.


Can I order desserts for delivery on the same day?

  We generally do not offer same-day delivery due to the preparation and shipping requirements.

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